The destruction of smog! Five Services to Avoid Haze

The destruction of the smog! It’s not the latest Hobbit movie, but the current haze situation. These cool services can help you avoid the haze.

1. Be Malas

You can avoid the haze and stay home to laze. You can send an SMS to 0126343 1303 and you will be able to buy any item, go anywhere and see everything. The total cost of your service will be provided to you. Learn more

2. Happy Fresh

Happy Fresh will buy your groceries for you and deliver them right to your door. They are currently partnered with more than 30 supermarkets and offer over 60,000 products. You can now plan your Gordon Ramsay-esque meal by downloading the Happy Fresh app. Your groceries will be delivered straight to you, without any hassle. Check out for more information.

3. Laundry done

You wish someone could wake you up at September’s end so your clothes don’t smell like a haze. Laundry Done is an online dry cleaning and laundry delivery company. You can schedule a pickup time that suits your schedule, wait for the laundry to be delivered, and it will arrive within 48 hours. Get your laundry done now just by heading over to

4. Assist

Are you tired of the smoke in your eyes when you go on your errands. Send an SMS or WhatsApp message and give Helpr a shot. You don’t have to pay anything unless you accept the costs. For a complete list of the services they offer

5. MaidEasy

Are you tired of your home being cluttered by haze? Try our hassle-free cleaning service. We will clean your home while you relax and unwind in a comfortable, air-conditioned area. You can book your appointment now at by selecting either the move-in or general cleaning session. Prices start at RM20 for a minimum 4 hour period.

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