5 Home Hygiene Myths, BUSTED!

Many myths and stories about hygiene are so deeply ingrained that it is difficult to know if they are true or false. Let’s dispel some myths and find out the truth! Here are the top five myths about home hygiene.

1. It is not true that soap should be more concentrated. Sometimes, more soap can lead to more problems. Did you know that soap and detergent are great nutrients for bacteria? Rinse your dishes and clothes well! This can promote bacteria growth.

2. False: The bathroom is the dirtiest room in the house. Did you know that a keyboard can contain 400 times as many germs as a toilet seat?

3. The ‘five second rule ‘: simply doesn’t exist. During a test, samples were dropped onto the contaminated surfaces. They were then picked up after either 5 or 10 seconds. All tested samples were found to have been heavily contaminated. The zero-second rule should replace the five-second rule. It doesn’t matter if the item is on the living room or kitchen floor, the best advice would be to throw it away.

4. The best defense against germs is hand sanitizer. This is a myth! Antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers can cause germ resistance. It’s better to wash your hands with water and soap than to use hand sanitizers.

5. Not all bacteria is dangerous. Bacteria is essential for human survival. There are many microorganisms living on our skin, with only a few being germs.

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