The question that most people ask is whether they can get help with gardening and cleaning through the NDIS. This question has a short answer: Yes. The NDIS can provide funding for gardening and cleaning, among other maintenance. In this case, however, there is a catch: the services must be directly related to your disabilities. cleaning services, for example, will hire you a gardener if you are unable to do gardening due to your disability.

Most people still don’t fully understand the NDIS Fund and how it operates.


  • NDIS funds only those with disabilities who cannot perform their household tasks on their own.
  • NDIS is only for those with less ability. NDIS will not benefit those who share a residence with physically capable people. They are able to do household chores.
  • If you are helping with household chores, make sure that your invoices follow the NDIS rules. Otherwise, you may not receive payment.
  • To avoid misunderstandings, make sure that all agreements are in place before any work begins.

What is NDIS Fund?

Contrary to popular belief, the NDIS is actually a very simple process. The fund is responsible to finance the cleaning service for people with disabilities. Plans for the NDIS are different depending on each participant’s disability.

For example, community members with disabilities who are unable to mow their lawns themselves can get help from the NDIS. They can also hire a gardener using their NDIS funds. Note that these funds are not allocated according to any specific criteria. The NDIS has the right to decide if you will be eligible for these plans.

What can the NDIS fund do and not do?

The NDIS can fund a variety of services, such as cleaning your home, gardening and vacuuming, as well as regular cleaning. The NDIS does not cover tasks that require a professional’s presence, like electrical installations. These funds are not available to all.

There are a few reasonable criteria that can be followed to help those who have disabilities and cannot perform these tasks on their own. A disabled person who shares a house with physically able people may use their NDIS funding to ask for a cleaner.

The cleaner is only allowed to clean one room, and the other residents are responsible for cleaning the rest. In general, caregivers of disabled people should hire specialists to provide services that NDIS won’t cover.

Should all cleaners be registered with NDIS?

Most cleaning companies are not registered with NDIS yet, and many may be unaware of how NDIS operates. NDIS only allows businesses to offer its services if they are registered. NDIS beneficiaries may still be able to access cleaning services provided by unregistered businesses, if they have funds that are self-managed. NDIA-managed beneficiaries will need to find a registered provider.

What to keep in mind when hiring a cleaner

When hiring cleaners for the NDIS, you should consider several factors. You will first be required to sign a service contract. The agreement protects the beneficiary from any future misunderstandings. The majority of agreements are written and easily accessible. The contract should include the type of service offered and expected completion dates.

Next, you will need to set up a payment contract. The NDIS has an hourly pricing structure, so the beneficiary as well as the cleaning vendor have to agree on the price before work can begin.

The NDIS will require you to pay the full amount if the work starts and you have not agreed on a price. The NDIS will only pay for work that is done within an hourly period. Any other expenses outside of the hourly rate must be paid by the beneficiary as they were not included in their agreement.

You should also use the NDIS guide when submitting for payments. To avoid payment issues, cleaning services must follow the NDIS requirements when filing for payments. The final invoice must include the number hours worked by the cleaning service and any additional costs that may have been incurred. The hourly rate should include these costs, otherwise payment will be refused. The NDIS sets the hourly rate and cleaners must follow the price guide.

Warning: If you are looking for someone who can assist with professional NDIS cleaning services and they do not have an Australian Business Number, then ensure that they do. It is one of the NDIS requirements that allows you to pay their services using your funding.

What are professional NDIS cleaning services?

The NDIS focuses on services related to the home. The NDIS can be used to help you with a number of tasks.

  • Home cleaning (including fridge, oven, garage)
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Ironing and washing

Several other services are not listed even though they may be available. If you want to receive service from the NDIS but are unsure of what service you need, you can call them or check their website.

Most people are still struggling to grasp the concept of NDIS. The NDIS fund can help you if you’re a disabled person who wants to get assistance with your home, such as gardening and cleaning. NDIS services are not professional. Those who want to receive professional services must pay for them.

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