Dry Cleaning Vs Steam Cleaning. What Is Suitable For Your Home

Both are easy to confuse for homeowners. We asked the experts at Bensons Cleaning Services Pty Ltd in Adelaide for their opinions to help Adelaide residents make a decision.

Learn more about carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning. Dry Cleaning Carpets in Adelaide is a specialized service that ensures thorough cleanliness without the use of excessive moisture, making it an ideal choice for delicate fabrics or specific cleaning needs.

Carpet steam cleaning vs carpet dry cleaning

Both methods are equally effective. The only difference is the amount of cleaning water. Both methods require that you vacuum the carpet before cleaning it. The pre-vacuuming step is important as it removes surface dirt and grime, before the extraction and deep cleaning process can begin.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

After pre-vacuuming the carpet, a carpet-dry cleaning solution is applied. This is usually an absorbent substance that is sprayed on the carpet. The solution is made up of a small amount water, a carrier that absorbs the liquid, detergent, and solvent. The solution breaks down oily residues in the carpet that trap dirt in carpet fibres. Once the oily residue has been removed, dirt, soil and other pollutants that have been trapped in the carpet fibres can be easily removed.

Next, a rotary carpet machine is used with cotton pads that are immersed in warm water to condition and rinse the carpet. The machine spins around the carpet at a high speed, removing dirt and dust from the carpet fibres onto the cotton pads. During the carpet dry-cleaning process, the pads are continuously changed.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction uses hot water to clean carpets. Pre-spray, usually after pre-vacuuming the carpet and before the steam cleaning, is applied. Professional carpet cleaners will sometimes agitate the carpet with a microfiber pad. Then, a powerful hot water extraction machine is used to inject hot steam.

Steam cleaning works like a vacuum cleaner that uses water to remove deeply embedded dirt and grime. Professional carpet steam cleaning may use dehumidifiers and fans to dry the carpet fibres, if they’re damp.

Steam or dry carpet cleaning?

Steam cleaning is the answer. Steam cleaning is the best way to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs from the home.

Why steam cleaning carpets is important

Most people assume that they can only clean the carpet once. They clean their carpets when they sell or move out of their home.

Steam cleaning carpet is more important than you think. Why? Steam cleaning carpets at home is an excellent way to keep your home germ-free and clean. This is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your home for pets, children and elderly parents.

Steam cleaning revives carpet fibers, making them look like new. Steam cleaning will increase the elasticity of the carpet fibres and extend its lifespan.

What is the need for steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is recommended for fabric couches, cushions, and curtains. These items with high contact points attract bacteria and pollutants which can only be removed by heat.

If you don’t have time to steam clean your couch yourself, ask the Adelaide carpet cleaner if they will include the service in their quote.

Staining that is not able to be removed

Steam cleaning is more effective at restoring carpets or furniture to their original state. If the stains are older i.e. If you do not know what the stain is or it is extensive, it is best to contact a professional carpet cleaning service in Adelaide.

Clean-ups for emergencies

A ruptured pipe. A heavy downpour. You will need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service if your home has been flooded. Professionals with the correct equipment and technical know-how are required to handle water damage restoration and cleaning. Carpet fibres can become mouldy if they are not dried correctly.


You can refresh your carpets with professional steam cleaning if they are looking old and worn out.

It is a requirement of the bond release if you are leaving. It is advised to increase the resale price of your property if you are planning on selling.

What about DIY carpet steam cleaning?

The cost of time can be high

You can do a DIY project if you have the time to look around for the best carpet steam cleaner and you are willing to clean the carpet yourself.

You will save money by hiring the equipment rather than calling in a professional carpet cleaning service, but you must familiarise yourself first with the machine as well as the correct method for steam-cleaning the carpet.

Many people think that if they rent a steam cleaner, they will be able to clean their homes easily. However, there are a few things you should consider when using the correct technique. Uneven washing, excessive washing (resulting in damp or wet floors) and the use of too much pre-spray are all things that could go wrong.

There is no easy fix for carpets that have been damaged by DIY. Carpet cleaners can come and re-clean your carpet, but the cost can be high if the carpet has been damaged. The cost of repairing the carpet can be high. Replacing carpets is even more costly.

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