What should you wear when you clean your house?

Are you dressed up or in your pajamas when you clean? What do you wear to clean your house? It’s a good idea! You should clean your home because you’re exposed to dangerous things like:

Chemicals Some cleaning products contain strong chemicals and ingredients that can cause skin irritation.

Pests– Without you being aware, bugs, fleas, and ticks could climb up and crawl on your skin. You can reduce the risk of getting bit by keeping your skin well covered.

How to look good and keep yourself safe while cleaning:

Top – A top made of comfortable fabric. A cotton shirt is a good choice. It’s light enough to allow you to move freely while cleaning, and it’s thick enough to protect your skin. It is also easy to clean.

Bottom- A pair of pants made from thick fabric. Denim, a thick fabric like denim, can protect you from bug bites and keep your legs protected from any hazardous substances.

Use gloves to protect your hands from any harsh cleaning products. Without skin protection, cleaning can dry out your skin and cause your nails to look rough. Your hands are more likely to come into contact with contaminates than any other part of your body while you clean.

After you’re done cleaning, take a warm shower and put your clothes in the washer. Enjoy a glass of wine, a snack and a relaxing time with your family.

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