Cleanse the house, burn those calories!

These everyday chores are easy to eat.

Ironing –Looking to find a reason not to hate ironing? Ironing can help you burn calories. Ironing clothes for an hour will burn 85 calories!

Floor Sweeping – You can lose 150 calories just by sweeping your floor for one hour. You’ll burn 195 calories an hour if you sweep outside your home (garage, porch, sidewalk).

Scrubbing- Get rid of all the grease, dirt and stains. Scrubbing for one hour will not only clean your floors, bathrooms and surfaces but also help you burn 182 calories.

Mopping/Vacuuming- Do you always have to do that extra job? The extra chore may no longer seem like a burden. Vacuuming and mopping burns 163 calories per hour more than sweeping.

Remodeling – Moving around furniture and household items can help you lose significant calories. You’ll burn 325 calories an hour.

Light Cleaning – A light cleaning of your house can help you lose calories quickly – only 98 calories per hour This includes cleaning up, dusting, changing sheets, and taking out trash.

Laundry – Folding, hanging or drying clothes will help you burn 65 calories

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