Keep Your Rugs Clean For A Tidier Home

We often dislike chores that are only needed a few days a year. This includes power washing your siding, dusting fridge coils, and washing curtains. Deep cleaning rugs is a chore that’s often forgotten. You are not the only one who cannot recall when you last had your rugs professionally shampooed. As you know, vacuuming your rug is not enough. Bacteria and grime accumulate over time, whether it is month after month or year after year. Even the most powerful vacuum cleaners will not be able to remove all of this debris because it is buried deeply into the rug’s fibers. Not properly maintaining your rug can even void the warranty. Here are some reasons why you should put “Clean Rugs” on your To Do List.

How Often Should Rugs Be Professionally Cleaned?

You could probably clean your rugs once a year if you maintain a regular schedule of vacuuming and spot-treating. Sadly, most people don’t vacuum properly, so carpets require more frequent professional cleaning. Most people vacuum way too quickly. Experts suggest that a slower speed will vibrate the rug fibers better. This will ensure that bacteria, dirt, and debris are removed.

Kids And Pets May Increase Frequency.

You know that your pets or children are usually the most messy members of your family. You may have to deep clean your rugs more often because of this. It is important to keep your rugs free of dirt, especially from pets and children. Rugs can contain bacteria, dust, and mold spores, which can be harmful to the health of everyone in the household, especially those who play on the floor more often. Choose to clean rugs products every six months in order to protect the family from various types of pollutants found within the rug. This will also ensure that the area is safe for children to play.

Know What To Look For.

Do you know if it’s time to clean your rug? You can determine if your rug needs to be shampooed in a couple of ways. The smell test is probably the easiest way to determine when a shampoo should be applied. Check your rug if you’re unable to pin point the source of that unpleasant odor. It’s likely that it is. Call in the professionals.

Rub Test is another way to determine if you need to deep clean your rug. You may be surprised! Rub your palm in a circular motion on the carpet for 15 seconds. You should give your carpet a good cleaning if you can see dirt on the palm of your hand. Similarly, do a Scrub Test. Brush a small area of the rug that is in high traffic with soapy water. If the color of that spot changes and does not match the rest, then it is time to have a rug cleaned.

The Allergy test is a good way to determine if your rug needs cleaning. You should clean your rug if you notice that you have allergies, even after vacuuming.

Leave It To The Professionals.

You should not attempt to deep clean your rug yourself. The treatment of fine oriental and specialty area rugs is unique. Professionals wet wash treatment with full immersion will rejuvenate and restore the look of your rugs. Rugs are cleaned and repaired all over the world. Our loyal customers can easily get their valuable rugs clean. Professionals is the most reliable, rug cleaner in your area.

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