v Cleaner Spotlight: Hanif and MaidEasy In House Cleaner

This post will introduce you to Hanif, our young, hardworking house cleaner. He helps clean your home thoroughly and makes sure everything is neat and tidy.


Hometown, Serting. Negeri Sembilan

Background: Hanif worked in an area with a not-so-awesome cultural and people. He saw the ad on Mudah.my and immediately applied. He is now happy, and he feels great working with MaidEasy.

Why MaidEasy

People -Hanif came to Kuala Lumpur as a cleaner to MaidEasy. Hanif said that although it was his first time out of home, he felt at ease working with the MaidEasy crew. He was helped by MaidEasy cleaners who generously shared their knowledge and helped him become a better cleaner. Customers of MaidEasy treated him with respect, too. It is important to work with people who treat others well. This makes the work environment more positive. When there is respect among your coworkers, it is good work!

Paycheque Sometimes it can be scary to try something new. But it’s all about trusting your gut. Hanif did not live in Klang Valley, and had never been a professional cleaner. However, he can help around his parents’ home. Hanif decided to move to the city in search of better opportunities and better pay. He’s happier now that he can support himself and help his parents with the MaidEasy wage.

Opportunities for learning: Hanif admits that he was shy in school. He is learning new skills at MaidEasy. His communication skills are improving as he communicates with customers and his coworkers while cleaning. He is a shy guy! Nah! That’s history!

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