8 Ways To Keep Bathrooms of Brisbane Clean

Call me weird but I love cleaning the bathroom. There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly scrubbed shower and a disinfected toilet. Sure, keeping the rest of the house cleaning is just as important, but there’s something that makes you feel like you’re on top of it all with a sparkling bathroom. If I didn’t enjoy doing it myself, then the bathroom is the first place I would ask my house cleaner in Brisbane to clean. My bedroom could be just so-so but my bathroom has to be immaculate.  Which is why I was beaming with pride when I heard a colleague say that to know if a person is truly hygienic, one has to only check the person’s bathroom.

For someone who’s juggling a family and career, cleaning sometimes gets relegated to a weekly task. But just like the kitchen, a bathroom has to be cleaned daily to prevent mould and bacteria from multiplying. Since the bathroom is a high-traffic area where everyone does their individual hygiene tasks, it’s important to keep the bathroom clean. Besides, if you keep the bathroom tidy through the week, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning it at one time during a free day.

Infographic showing 8 ways to keep Brisbane bathrooms clean

1. Clean the bath and/or shower.

Keep a spray bottle filled with vinegar and water right in the shower, and give it a quick once-over every time you use it. According to Good Housekeeping, this 60-second task can save you a lot of time later when you go back and do a deeper clean because the area will already be pretty clean.

Skip the vinegar on natural stone surfaces, but also squeegee the tile after your shower. Whisking away excess moisture can minimise time spent cleaning later.

2. Shine the mirror.

Hate those flecks of toothpaste and mouthwash stuck on the mirror? It’s easier to get them off than you think. A quick wipe or spray with your favourite cleaner will keep them clean in a jiffy.

 3. Disinfect the faucet and fixtures.

Faucets, the flush handle, the door handle and other bathroom fixtures collect a “dizzying” amount of germs through daily handling. We usually flush before we wash, right? So you can just imagine how important it is to disinfect bathroom fixtures on a daily basis. These can be cleaned and sanitised simply with rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. If you are looking to avoid germs in between cleanings, you can encourage others in the house to use a paper towel to turn the water on and off and/or flush whenever they’re in the bathroom.

4. Scrub the sink.

We spit in the sink a gazillion times a day! I won’t go into detail just what exactly are being spit into a sink but the thought should give you the resolve to daily clean the bathroom. So, wipe that sink with a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid or cleaner. Rinse completely and go over the area a second time. Scrub the drain with a toothbrush and scrape build-up from the joints between the sink and the counter with the edge of an old credit card.

5. Clean the counters.

It’s so easy for clutter to accumulate on the counter if you don’t maintain the area. Organise things on the counter so things are easily found and clean up becomes a cinch. Trays come in handy here. Instead of lifting several things, all you have to do is lift the tray and quickly wipe the counter.

6. Disinfect the toilet.

Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl as often as necessary to prevent the build up of dirt and scum like rust and lime scale that can harbor germs and cause nasty odours.  Use a disinfectant toilet bowl cleaner to kill all that horrible stuff! If you use a toilet brush, make sure to prevent what you’re cleaning out of your toilet from hanging out on this brush or in its little storage cup. Your toilet brush takes care of some of the most undesirable messes imaginable! After cleaning the toilet, rest the brush between the bowl and the seat. Spray it generously with a disinfectant, such as rubbing alcohol, and let it sit, dripping wet until it’s dry. Never place a wet brush back into the brush cup—that’s when paranormal activity starts to happen.

7. Take the rubbish out.

You know how those hospitals segregate their wastes? If rubbish in the home are segregated, I’d categorise the ones in the bathroom under infectious waste. Soiled diapers and feminine napkins, tissue filled with phlegm or mucus, used cotton buds – you know where I’m getting at. Take the bin out before what’s inside turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and germs!

8. Clean the floors.

Unless the floor in the bathroom has anything spilled on it, a simple sweep of the floor will usually keep it clean.

You can use a broom or dust mop to go over the floor and collect the dust that has gathered. Any rugs in the bathroom can be washed as they get dirty.

Get a Brisbane House Cleaning Professional to Help

Of course these are daily things you can do but nothing beats a thorough clean of the bathroom. You can actually do it and spend half a day of your precious weekend cleaning. Or you can spend your time on more important tasks such as making a Science project with your son or going on a movie date with the hubby. So if you’re looking for a thorough clean of your bathroom though, you can always book a Deep Clean at www.maideasy.com.au


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