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Spring Clean

For customers who want a deep clean and get into every nook and cranny. This checklist makes sure that your house is left sparkling whether it is for a change of season, special guests or just because it's been a while. Add on optional extras to customize your clean.

*This is NOT equivalent to an end of lease or bond clean

Lifestyle Clean

Our most popular service is designed to keep you on top of the cleaning chores, stop everyone from stressing and fighting about whose turn it is to do the cleaning and free up your precious time.

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Most Popular

Hourly Clean

Want a little bit of this and a little bit of that? Personalize your house clean with our hourly service where you give us a prioritized checklist and our professional and efficient teams will do the rest. Switch up the list using our online booking platform and we'll do the rest.

Our Fixed-Price Checklist

For each of our fixed-price cleaning services, we’ve created a detailed checklist so you know exactly what you can expect from your cleaning team. They will stay as long as necessary to ensure that you’re left smiling in your beautiful, sparkling home. If you require additional services take a look at our optional extras which are available on the booking page or can be added anytime from within your Maid Easy Online account.

*Our fair-go policy applies

All Areas Lifestyle Clean Spring Clean
Light Tidy Up
Extensive Tidy Up
Cobweb Removal
Empty Bins
Dust Skirting Boards / Window Sills
Wipe Skirting Boards / Window Sills
Clean / Wipe Doors
Clean Accessible Light Switches / Power Points
Dust All Reachable Surfaces
Dust / Clean Mirrors
Vacuum / Clean Soft Furnishing
Vacuum Under Beds, Couches and Furniture
Walls (see extras)
Clean Ceiling
Lightly Dust Blinds
Vacuum and Mop All Accessible Floors
Scrub and Clean Bath
Scrub and Clean Shower
Scrub and Clean Sinks
Clean Mirrors
Clean Tapware and Chrome
Wipe Down Cupboards (exterior)
Empty Bins
Clean / Disinfect Toilet
Clean / Disinfect Toilet
Scrub Wall Tiles/Grout
Extensive Wall Tiles/Grout Clean
Clean Stovetop
Clean Rangehood (exterior)
Clean Exhaust Fans/Filters
Clean/Wipe All Bench Tops
Clean Visible Appliances (exterior)
Clean Visible Appliances (exterior)
Clean Splashback
Clean/Polish Tapware
Scrub/Clean Basin and Sink
Clean Inside/Outside Microwave
Clean Cupboards (exterior)
Polish Stainless Steel Surfaces
Dust All Surfaces


1. Cleaners are not expected to move heavy items like fridges, tv cabinets, beds and sofas to clean the skirtings, walls and floors behind these items. If a customer wants us to clean they have to move these items away themselves so the cleaners can clean these areas on arrival.

2. Cleaners are not covered by their own or ME Insurance to wipe and dust light fittings, fans and walls that is higher than a 2-step ladder. Of course, if a cleaner can reach underneath a bed of sofa with a vacuum without moving it – we are gladly to do so

3. Cleaners are excluded from cleaning human, pet waste and biohazards

5. Cleaners are excluded from cleaning tv and computer screens

6. Making beds and doing dishes should be specified by the customer – and will usually fall under hourly customized cleans

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