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Dealing with Hard To Clean Places

Do you know which places in the home are the hardest to clean? There are so many trouble spots throughout the home and while one …

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Why Hire A Cleaner After A Breakup?

If you have suffered from a breakup, then you might not be thinking about what you want to do in life. You might even be …

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Maid Easy Explains Simple Ways To Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Running Longer

Vacuum cleaners are expensive and you want to squeeze every last bit of longevity out of them. Keeping them running longer is crucial to get …

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The Top Items In Your Brisbane Home That You Should Be Cleaning Every Week

Having a clean and tidy home is great. It is a great feeling and it provides you with a way to sit down and actually …

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What To Clean Before The Holidays

The whole family gathered around, laughing and enjoying; there’s no question that hosting holiday guests is a special part of celebrating Christmas together. However, it’s …

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Maid Easy Explains Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Odours

In Brisbane today, pet owners usually have to deal with pet odour control at some point in their lives. It is also one of the …

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Regular Standard Clean vs Once-Off Deep Clean?

The customer support – though we want to call it our customer happiness, reliability and cleaning service provided by Maid Easy is among one of …

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7 Green Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Home

They say cleaning is restorative; expelling mess from your home gives you a sense of alleviation and unwinding! I’ve never observed this to be the …

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Is Spring Cleaning necessary in Brisbane and what are the benefits?

Ever wondered how the tradition to do a Spring Clean came to be? Coming from an archipelago where the sun always shines even during monsoon …

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