These 5 Tips Will Make Your Home Superbly Clean

We are constantly getting feedback from our cleaners to improve your homes. We have learned a lot from the thousands of homes we have cleaned. Many of our customers don’t have the right tools or cleaning supplies to clean their homes. These are five things that you should do to ensure your home is spotless.

Cif: Multi-purpose Surface Cream Cleaner

Cif is available in cream form, and it’s great for cleaning your toilet. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used to clean your toilet’s walls and floors, particularly tiles. This multi-purpose cleaner is essential to keep your toilets clean.

Mr Muscle glass/Surface Cleaner

Mirrors placed in the toilet can collect dirt and dullen over time. It is a real shame that the mirror can’t be used for its intended purpose, which is to serve as a vanity mirror. Use a glass cleaner with a few newspapers to clean your mirrors. You can also use the surface cleaner to clean countertops in your kitchen.

Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner

Many Malaysian homes have tiled or marbled floors. We recommend using a multi-purpose cleaner that contains about 2 cups of liquid and half a bucket water to clean these floors. It will completely remove dirt and mild stains.

Wood floor cleaner

We recommend using a milder floor cleaner for parquet or wooden floors in bedrooms and corridors. It is nonsticky and dries quickly.

Toilet Duck

You can clean the toilet bowl’s surface with a sponge and a brush. You should pay special attention to the areas below the toilet bowls’ rims. Toilet Duck is recommended to clean the toilet bowl’s rims. This will ensure that these hard-to reach places are also cleaned.

These are the 5 items we recommend to clean your home. Also, make sure you have the right tools such as a mop, vacuum, broom, and toilet brush.

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