Mother & Joy Double-sided Milestone Blanket Front and Back Design

The best Baby Milestone Blanket For Boys or Girls

What is a Baby Milestone Blanket?

In an age where Baby Showers, recieving gifts and new mothers are celebrated (rightfully so!), more and more options have appeared showcasing thoughtfulness. A trend has grown where gifts are becomming more sentimental rather than material, especially those which help preserve memories of the little one’s journey from baby to toddler.

A milestone blanket, also known as a monthly milestone blanket or watch me grow blanket is usually made of soft fleece and large enough to place your precious bub on it with either numbers on the side and a scale. The idea is that every week or month you place the baby there and take a happy snap and share it with your loved ones.

Friends and family are then able to help celebrate their journey and watch them grow before their very eyes! The baby blankets can either be tailored for a boy, girl or come in gender neutral unisex designs.

They can be bought for yourself or your partner, but often make a great gift shower present for new mums. 

All weekly and monthly milestone blankets aren’t made equally though, as there are differences in:

  • Quality and fabric
  • Thickness
  • Size
  • Design
  • Machine washability
  • Single side or double sided
  • Packging for giftability
Milestone Blanket Being Recieved As A Gift For A Baby Shower By A Pregant Mum - Mother and Joy

Our Pick For The Best Baby Milestone Blanket

It’s because of these reasons that we’ve chosen (and given as gifts to separate friendship groups, shhh) the Mother and Joy Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket as the best! 

Let’s go through why they have come out on top.

Quality of Fabric

Mother and Joy Unisex Baby Milestone Blanket is Thick and Soft

The Mother and Joy Baby Milestone Blanket uses pure fleece and is 350gsm. If you don’t know what that is, it means it’s thick, soft and plush on your baby’s skin! Many other blankets use 300gsm and are slightly thinner. 

The material is suitable for the soft delicate skin of a baby and has no toxic ingredients in it. The material holds in heat when it’s cold and breathes easy when it’s warm.


The square milestone blanket for babies is 47 inches, or close to 120cm each side.

On the left hand side is a scale bar going from 0 to 3 feet so you can see your little bean sprout shoot up into a tyranic toddler.

One thing to note with similar watch me grow blankets is that TOO large is a bad thing. It can be incredibly difficult to fit the whole baby in the frame without having to stand up on a chair yourself.

Mother & Joy Baby Blanket Size

Double-sided unisex design

Mother & Joy Double-sided Milestone Blanket Front and Back Design

The calendar milestone blanket is fairly unique in that it has both the side with the graphics and milestones, but on the flip side is a cute general purpose pattern. This allows you to use the blanket as a swaddling blanket, nursery decor or even a child playmat blanket. 

Both the front and the back are unisex and suitable for either gender – boy or girl. 

Perfect Gift For Baby Showers

A baby monthly milestone blanket is often a great gift for expecting mums as it symbolizes thoughtfulness and is a veratile present because of both it’s function and design.

The premium box gives little hints at what may be inside, but only when the open the box to see a beautifully wrapped, soft fleece milestone blanket the story begins to unfold. 

You’ll see their appreciation and proof of use (always a nice thing when giving a present!) through their online posts or when you go over and see it being used as nursery decor.

Mother & Joy Double-sided Milestone Blanket packaging

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