What To Clean Before The Holidays

The whole family gathered around, laughing and enjoying; there’s no question that hosting holiday guests is a special part of celebrating Christmas together.

However, it’s no secret that preparing your home for the merriest time of the year can also quickly become a stressful feat.

Follow these simple Christmas cleaning tips for a worry-free holiday hosting experience! If you don’t have time, you could always hire a trusted professional cleaning service in Brisbane such as Maid Easy

Your Entryway

Your front door will get a lot of attention this time of year, with people visiting. It’s the first thing they see, so pay attention to the small details. Banish shoes to family members’ rooms, get rid of leftover mail, sweep the front steps, rake leaves from the front lawn and, as a final touch, hang a festive wreath on your door to welcome guests.


Holidays call for plenty of time in the kitchen. If you want to start fresh before you begin baking or if you need to clean up your mess before your guests arrive, we’ve got an easy solution to cleaning grease on your stovetop or oven. First, remove the grates and knobs and place them in hot soapy water to soak as you do your cleaning. Spray your grease remover solution on your stovetop. (You could also use vinegar.) After it sits for about 10 minutes, wipe it down with a dishtowel or scrubber. You can use baking soda to scrub any grease residue and then wipe the area with a damp dishtowel. Head back to the sink to scrub the grates and knobs before placing them back on the stove. For more kitchen tips refer to our guide here


 Wipe down the sink, and if there’s time, clean the toilet. Clean mirrored surfaces if they need it. Remove any unnecessary items from the room and place new towels on the racks and replenish the toilet paper and hand soap.


A great vacuum or mopping of the floors will guarantee that corners behind the tree are perfect and clear with nothing unexpected residue hiding behind presents on Christmas morning.


Wiping ceilings with a feather duster or brush head will remove any spider webs that may have gone unnoticed before. Yet, with twinkle lights and tree toppers drawing the eye upward and lighting the roof, now’s an ideal opportunity to clean overhead.


You’ll need to free up some closet space for guests’ clothes who may be staying for a few days or visitors’ coats who are there for a festive party. Start with the entry closet. Allow each family member to have one or two coats in here; all the other coats and jackets can go in their bedroom closet. The holidays are a good time of year to go through any clothes, coats, shoes, hats and scarves that you no longer use or don’t want, and place them in the donation box. To keep your closets organized, bins, hooks and shoe racks are always useful when wanting to free up some space.


When dusting, make sure to use microfiber cloths together with your dusting spray. The fabric attracts dust and leaves a streak free finish. Don’t know where to begin? Areas to focus on are dressers, closet floors, ceiling fans, vents, mantles, light fixtures and electronics.

If this proves to be a Herculean task for you, why not leave the pre-holidays cleaning to Maid Easy? Be worry-free and be the ‘hostess with mostest’.

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