5 Tangible Benefits of Hiring a Post Construction Cleaning Service

Post construction clean-ups are a big job. It takes time to clean up everything after the construction or renovation. It also takes high expertise to ensure that the newly renovated or constructed home is well-organised and ready for dwellers.

A post construction cleaning service is something that you should consider to achieve a dirt-free home after renovation and construction.

Post construction cleaning service deals with the removal of post construction dirt such as debris, dust and leftover construction materials. The need to use specialised equipment, products and expertise is needed to get rid of the dirt safely. Proper equipment and cleaning products are required to remove the dust and debris that settles on furniture, cabinets, walls, ceilings, carpets and other surfaces.

 Delah Gomasi from Maidforyou assures five (5) tangible benefits of hiring a post construction cleaning service.  These benefits can help meet your expectations and ensure that your home is ready for your family to live in. It also aims to help you understand the importance of getting the right person to do the job.

Let’s take a look at these tangible benefits!

#1 Tools & Equipment

High-quality pressure washers, vacuums and mops are amongst the most important tools and equipment in post construction cleaning. The pressure washer is used to wash walls, ceilings, floors, driveways and even the outside part of the house. Vacuums and mops are also used to deep clean the carpet and floors to get rid of dust and fine dirt.

Post construction clean-ups should be administered with the use of proper tools and equipment. Getting rid of dirt and debris that settled on every inch of your home can be a challenge and getting an expert to do the job can ensure a safe, liveable and aesthetically pleasing home. The tools and equipment used in post construction cleaning depend on the type of dirt or debris left in your newly constructed or renovated home.

#2 General Cleaning Supplies

Post construction cleaners use high-quality cleaning products in cleaning every corner of your new home. These include the use of safe stain removers, non-solvent based cleaners and sealants. Post construction cleaning may also involve the application of floor treatment to polish the floor, carpet and minimise stains.

Moreover, post construction cleaners are well-organised and focused. It takes more than the necessary cleaning supplies to clean a newly constructed or renovated home. They use a professional post construction cleaning checklist to put up the right cleaning supplies and stay organised throughout the cleaning process.

#3 Protective Gears

Hard hats, gloves, masks and respirators are basic personal protective gear post construction cleaner’s use. Safety should not be compromised, especially when dealing with industrial waste, harsh chemicals and other contaminants.  Rest assured, post construction cleaners are trained individuals who can handle the heavy cleaning tasks.

Post construction cleaning is not an easy task as it may involve interaction with harmful chemicals and substances. Getting the right person to do the job is essential to remove all the dirt and dust particles in the air, leaving your home with good air quality. The use of protective gear gives safety assurance not only for the homeowner but the cleaner, as well.

#4 Waste Bags

Post construction cleaning services provide you with trash bags and bins for the after construction rubbish. They will also arrange to take out the junk and put it in a council approved dumpsite. Proper handling of waste materials is also observed for safety.   

Secretly throwing the post construction rubbish at night is a big no-no. The post construction cleaning service can handle the disposal of leftover construction materials for you. Never leave after construction junk lying around the house or garden!

#5 Sealants

Sealants are used to stop contaminating the room that is not affected by the renovation or construction. Sealants are needed to stop spreading dirt and debris on other parts of your home. It makes cleaning a lot easier and also saves you a lot of money.

Plastic and old newspapers are used as sealants to cover windows and floors to prevent dust contamination. It is also used to cover furniture and other home surfaces when doing minor renovations. The construction cleaning company provides you with the best sealants to avoid spreading the dirt on different parts of the house.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional post construction service – tangible or intangible. DIY post constructing cleaning could be attractive, but it does not give a safety assurance for your home and family. Apart from professional skills, there are specific cleaning supplies, tools, equipment, waste bags and sealants that are needed to ensure a clean and safe home.

A post construction cleaning service is worthy of your investment. It is efficient, cost-effective and provides a higher-quality service when compared to regular deep cleaning. Post construction cleaners work hard to ensure that the exterior and interior part of your home is dirt and dust free.

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