A group of happy children sitting on a playground bridge smiling and posing

5 Activities in brisbane your kid will love!

A group of happy children sitting on a playground bridge smiling and posing

Here at Maid Easy, we believe in helping families and individuals spend their time on what matters most. You go ahead and make memories while we clean your home for you. 

Where better way to start with those mental collage than to spend them with your kids in Brisbane? Spending time with your children is always a win-win situation. Spending quality one on one time with your children is usually the medicine that’s needed when things become chaotic or out of balance in the family.  The parent slows down their pace, puts the rest of the world aside and gains a valuable little perspective of life. For children, well, the benefits are countless.

So where to head to when there’s no cleaning to worry about? Here are five places we’ve chosen to suit every type and personality of kids in Brisbane.

1. Rock climbing - For the sporty, fearless kid

Did you know that rock climbing is getting more and more popular in Australia?

No, this isn’t the Rock Climbing or Mountain Climbing activity that you’re thinking of. No need to be an adrenaline junkie who can scale mountains very much like the Amazing Spider Man.

With indoor climbing gyms, rock climbing is no longer restricted to those who own their own rope, harness and helmet. Everyone can have a go at the walls in a safe, fun, and versatile environment.

In the climbing gym, climbing can be a fun hobby or a competitive sport, a personal journey or a social activity. Whatever it is that everyone, from pre-schoolers to seniors, is looking for, they can find it in indoor rock climbing.

Price: $20 for adults, $18 for juniors

Location: Urban Climb, West End

2. Brisbane's Magic Trail Guide - For the wildly imaginative kid

Start your fairy fun at the Enchanted Forest playground, located at Dorrington Park at Ashgrove. Climb on the spiders’ webs, make music on the magical toadstools, and picnic in the leafy parklands. You can grab a coffee from Famished on Frasers out the front and let any older kids enjoy themselves on the new skatepark nearby.

Further north you’ll find a delightful fairy village at Kumbartcho Sanctuary at Eatons Hill. Write and post a letter to the fairies in the fairy mail box, sit and enjoy the peaceful surrounds and spend some time in the playground and nursery. You could even purchase some plants to take home and create your own fairy garden.

Continue north to Sunshine Castle (located at Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast), and you’ll find fairies on display as part of the castle’s doll collection, as well as a well-stocked gift shop, which is full of fairy-themed trinkets, puzzles and games.

For kids that are more interested in wizards and witches than fairies and elves, a visit to The Store of Requirement in Samford is a must! They serve butter beer and sell lots of well-priced Harry Potter paraphernalia and a sorting hat that will sort the kids into their house! It is located next to the popular Flying Nun Cafe that serve the best seasonal food and is just down the road from a train themed playground.


Price: Free

Location: Dorrington Park – Ashrove

3. Surf school lessons - for the ocean dwelling kid

There are many surf schools around Brisbane that offer beginner surf lessons for kids, from small or large group lessons to private lessons. Most lessons focus strongly on beach and water safety skills, as well as getting kids paddling, standing up, and catching their first waves! Weet-Bix Surf-Groms is a dedicated kids’ surf program to develop surf skills, ocean awareness and beach safety, to set children up for a lifetime of fun in the water. 

Surf Life Saving Queensland has a focus on a lifesaving skills but is also a great starting point for all water babies to build their water confidence and have lessons in wading, running, swimming and board paddling, which can give them a strong foundation for great surfing skills. There is even an opportunity for beginners’ surf lessons in a wave pool close to Brisbane, for anyone who wants to have a go at riding a wave before heading out into the ocean. More details of all of these great options are given below, to help you find the perfect way for your Brisbane Kid to get surfing!

4. Queensland Museum Lost Creature Hunt - for the dino Enthusiast kid

If you have been to the Queensland Museum at South Bank lately then you would know they have a very special exhibition on the main floor – the Lost Creatures Exhibition.

Lost Creatures introduces you to some of Queensland’s long-lost inhabitants, including dinosaurs, giant marine reptiles and mega fauna. Kids can meet some of the Queensland state’s inhabitants from millions of years ago and marvel at their diversity and immense size. They also get to learn about the challenges they faced at a time of great upheaval and change.

What else can kids see and do at the museum?

Things to see and do

  • New 3D digital models of dinosaurs and mega fauna
  • A full-size reconstruction of a Rhoetosaurus hind leg (over 2 metres tall!)
  • Sections of dinosaur footprints from Lark Quarry that have never been displayed before
  • Multimedia displays showing selected Queensland dinosaurs at their full size
  • Touchable fossil of an unidentified marine reptile

Price: Free

Location: Brisbane Queensland Museum

5. Tree Climbing - For the budding environmentalist

A beautiful beachside treasure south of Brisbane, Wellington Point Reserve offers up some great fun for the most avid tree of climbers – kids. Surrounding the Wellington Point playground are the towering ancient  Moreton Bay Figs. With wide spanning limbs that shoot out in all directions, even the littlest of climbers will enjoy playing on the low hanging boughs of the tree. Soft dirt and sand surround each of the trees, ensuring there are plenty of soft landing spots for jumping kids. Along with the awesome trees, Wellington Point Reserve has fun play equipment and a fantastic beach for kids to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Book that clean now and head to one of these spots for quality time with your kids.

Price: Free

Location: Wellington Point Reserve

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